Description of ASPE and the services offered

The ASPE was founded in 1931 and since then has undertaken the representation of multi-child Parents, study and promotion of their claims, and generally promote the moral and material interests.

In addition, the Confederation defends the institution of the family and strives to maintain the greek traditions, disseminating the principles of greek-cristian culture, and the awakening of all forces in the country to solve the demographic problem.

The approximately 180 thousand multi-child families and their about 800 thousand children, which belong to the Associations - members of ASPE and satisfy the conditions laid down by law, are provided free by the Confederation, through the multi-child parents Associations, with the necessary books - cards for the multi-child  property.

ASPE also issue the certificates for the benefit / pension to the mother, which have established by the state, as well as for any legal use (appointments, mortgages, transfers or admission to certain schools, etc.).

A significant part of the efforts of ASPE is consumed in the formulation and promotion of demands and solving all kinds of problems of multi-child parents with
representations, studies, memos to the Parliament, various Ministries and other public and private entities.

The social work ASPE
absorbs also a large part of its activities, including a not negligible number of families in need of social, material and legal assistance and support. Of particular importance are the interest and care of ASPE for the needs of multi-child families of our limitary islands, mountainous and arid areas.

To serve the above goals the ASPE participates in committees of various ministries (Labor, Environment, Health and Welfare, etc.) and collaborates with various organizations and associations with
similar social purposes, like EDIM, FIADIP and Pan-Cyprian Organization of multi-child Parents, while represents the multi-child parents in COFACE which is the Confederation of Family Organizations in the EU countries and in ELFAC which is the European Large Families Confederation. 

ASPE is the supreme syndicate of the multi-child parents of the country. It is managed by the General Board, which consists of 22 elected members from the 105 Primary Organizations / members, which are located in various regions of Greece.

From the 22 General Councils, the 7 form the Executive Committee, which implements the strategic decisions of the General Board and General

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